Monday, October 24, 2011

The rest of Philly

It wouldn't let me add anymore photos, so I had to do it in two parts. So, here's the rest of Philly...
(Governor's quarters. Upstairs in Independence Hall)
Cemetery where Benjamin Franklin and four other signers were buried.
Ben Franklin

Valley Forge
(one of my favorite places)
It was so pretty here. This is the house George Washington stayed in while at Valley Forge.

Phillies Stadium
(warning: lots of pictures)
Picture taken from left field suite. Only $3200 a game to rent out!

Indoor batting cage
Phillies last line-upPhillies locker roomThey let us hold some of the players batsPhillies press room
Standing on the field, behind home plate.DugoutThis picture was taken out the press box window. This picture is for Jack. This is where home plate was at Vet Stadium. They left the bases & pitcher's mound in the original spot. It is now the parking lot.
Pictures of the city

Art Museum
(aka where Rocky ran up the steps)
Rocky Statue
City Hall Building
(Phillip's favorite building)

Next 2 pictures are form our tour of the Masonic Temple

It was very humbling to see & learn about Gettysburg. We loved our trip!

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