Thursday, June 27, 2013

Lemonade, get your ice cold lemonade here!

It was way too hot to have a Lemonade Stand today...but Jack and Mags didn't seem to care.

They made a whopping $10.90, not too bad considering they only sat in the heat for 1 hour.


Lisa Marie said...

FUN! I would have bought lots of lemonade! Next time they do it, you should make a batch of cookies to sell too. Our friends kids did that and made bank ;) haha (Not that making money was the point of it haha)

Lisa Marie said...

Oh duh, I just saw they sold Popsicle too! I vote $.50 for a Popsicle :)

Lisa Marie said...

PS You need to add Molly to your blog title and post a pic of her on the side too!